Who I Am

Evan Green (Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, Stanford University) founded Green Leaf Consulting in early 2017 with the mission to provide substantive assistance in operations for companies beginning or scaling technical product manufacturing. He brings 20 years of experience as a senior manager and executive responsible for a wide range of product engineering and manufacturing operations (specializing in unique products that do not have an established manufacturing base, particularly in optical and energy system components).

What I Do

Over the last decades, significant change in operations methods have been driven by the improvements of flexible and affordable forms of automation, development of networked test and monitoring equipment and now the revolutionary opportunities afforded by cloud-enabled data services. Green Leaf strives to help companies understand and evaluate how these techniques can positively impact their business, and to guide cost-effective implementations.

Past Clients

Modernization of test equipment and infrastructure

Client was an established microwave components manufacturing division of a Fortune 500 company, with a long manufacturing history. They recognized the need for a modernized production test infrastructure. Green Leaf developed the architecture of the new test systems, and managed the implementation over the course of a year with limited company resources. The project result is a substantial reduction in test times along with improvements in accuracy and widespread availability of product performance data.

Study and implementation plan for operations improvement


Client was a late phase start-up laser and systems manufacturing company with aggressive market-driven growth plans. Green Leaf provided extensive study of the operation from supply chain to manufacturing and support systems. The project result was an analysis of barriers to growth, recommendations for organizational change and a list of prioritized improvement projects with identified scope, schedule and cost.


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